T3I Technology Patented

Ridgefield CT. ------ November 10, 1998

Mr. Barry Ressler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. (T3I) announced today that the US Patent Office issued Patent Number 5,834,784, "Lamp for Generating High Power Ultraviolet Radiation". Mr. Gary Morgan, T3I's Senior Research Scientist and Director of the company's Ship Point Research Laboratory is the Inventor of Record. His co-inventor is Dr. James M. Potter of Los Alamos New Mexico.

Mr. Ressler commented. "This patent is an important addition to the growing list of our company's Intellectual Property and recognizes the significant and unique performance of our UV technology. T3I's FASTAC fluid treatment systems are the outgrowth of numerous proprietary developments including innovative microbiology, chemistry, fluid dynamics and systems engineering concepts.

Mr. Peter Lips, T3I President and Chief Operating Officer stated, "Our FASTAC technology has been under development for the past three years and we are very proud of the industry feedback of our achievements including the following customer quotes:"

  • "FASTAC achieves an improvement ratio of between 100:1 and 1000:1 from the average bacteria levels in typical metalworking environments. NO other control technology (biocides, mist suppression) approaches this performance level"

  • "By limiting the bacteria level in fluid, FASTAC eliminated the noxious odors associated with rancid fluids and limits bacteria by-products (endotoxin) that have been correlated with elevated health risks in workers. By replacing the use of these biocides, FASTAC eliminates the risks and irritancy associated with the use of these chemicals"

Mr. Ressler continued, "We applaud the efforts of our research staff who are continuing their quest for solutions to the growing global workplace microorganism contamination issues predicted for the next millennium."

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