Triton Invited to Speak at the Parenteral Drug Association Meeting

Ridgefield, CT. ------ November 15, 2011

Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. (T3I) announced today that it has been invited to present a technical dissertation at the 2012 PDA (Parenteral Drug Association) Annual Meeting and conference in April at the Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix Arizona.

The 2012 PDA Annual Meeting is dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical community by focusing program content on science and technology innovation as well as optimized performance, for the advancement of science and regulation in the industry.

The 2012 PDA Annual Meeting's theme is Manufacturing Innovation: Achieving Excellence in Sterile and Emerging Biopharmaceutical Technology. The manufacturing of quality products is a keystone of the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. With the emergence of new technologies, the program will feature a one day track on personalized medicine focusing on challenges in manufacturing and quality assurance/quality control of these products. The program will also feature sterile biopharmaceutical manufacturing with a focus on manufacturing innovations and new technologies, as well as regulatory perspectives on biopharmaceuticals. Properly planned and performed process design, development, validation, sourcing, process control, contamination control, testing, handling, product and supply chain security, distribution, and manufacturing all drive product quality and essentially positive business results. Use of innovation and new technologies helps to ensure success of these processes. This conference will bring together experts from academia, industry and regulatory agencies from around the world to discuss current practices and opportunities in sterile and emerging biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

The T3I presentation will be delivered by Barry Ressler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and is entitled, Ophthalmic Industry Case Study and will include a discussion T3Is patented monochromatic UV in line sterilization technologies for the treatment of flowing and packaged pharmaceutical products and for the treatment of blood products.

The conference brochure may be downloaded at and the speaker Bio link is

For additional information please contact Kevin Kurz, 203-438-0633.

Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. (T3I) has developed patented and manufactures treatment systems that control and minimize bacterial and viral contamination in a variety of applications using only ultraviolet (UV) light energy. This proprietary technology is being applied to a variety of fluids (industrial fluids, process water, beverages, and biologics) and other products in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food, nutritionals and specialty packaging markets. T3Is patented process uses the worlds highest powered Excimer light source as the sole means for effective pathogen inactivation without the need for chemical or thermal treatment. As a result, the Triton regimen preserves the structure and performance characteristics or value of the product being treated compared with other more destructive (chemical and thermal) decontamination or disinfection technologies. The Triton light source does not incorporate mercury gases and is therefore a more environment-friendly technology compared with conventional mercury UV light sources.

The company welcomes prospective customers with fluid contamination questions and challenges to use our convenient inquiry response form.