The T3I senior management and scientific team has more than 35 years of experience in taking technological ideas from concept through development to commercial deployment:
Kevin Kurz operating a Blood Product Experimental Photo-Activation Test Stand
Mr. Barry Ressler, Chairman, President and CEO of T3I.
Mr. Ressler has devoted his career prior to co-founding T3I to the High Voltage/pulse power industry and served as Chairman, President and CEO of Universal Voltronics Corp (UVC). UVC was listed on the American Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

At UVC, Mr. Ressler concentrated on the financing and development of products in the fields of industrial particle beam processes, medical diagnostics, alternative energy, industrial and surgical lasers and for microwave related applications.

In addition, Mr. Ressler is a member of the Board of Directors of StemCyteInc.(NASDAQ JMAR) a leading global umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation and therapuetics company with operations in the US, India and Taiwan.

Mr. Ressler is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EP Therapeutics, Inc. a company engaged in the development of a revolutionary new class of therapeutics as safer, alternative treatments for human cancers by eliminating the need for chemotherapy or radiation treatment protocols.

Mr. Pete Lips, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Director of Business Development of T3I.
Mr. Lips was one of the founders and, for nine years, one of the senior executives for the Prodigy Services Company, a multi-million dollar joint venture of IBM and Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Prior to joining Prodigy he had a career at Sears, Roebuck & Co. ranging from corporate planning (mergers and acquisitions), strategic planning for Sears entry into Financial Services, and merchandise management in the Sears Merchandise Group. Mr. Lips earned his BA from Princeton University and his MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia.

Steve Ward, Vice President - Chief Financial Officer of T3I.
Prior to joining T3I, Mr. Ward was Senior Vice President -Administration for Sanofi-Synthelabo, one of the world's leading pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with over $5 billion in annual sales. Mr Ward's prior assignments in the Pharmaceutical industry were Executive Vice President of Sanofi, Inc, and increasingly responsible CFO positions located both in Europe and the U.S. He started his career at General Electric with assignments in Purchasing, Corporate Audit, and Financial Management positions.

Mr. Ward received his BA in Economics from Colby College and his MBA-Finance from the University of Utah. In addition, he participated in General Electric's Management Institute and Financial Management Program.

B. A. (Tony) McNulty, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of T3I.
Tony McNulty, is a former Technical Staff Member of the M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the University of Texas Defense Research and Far-Infrared Research Laboratories, with over 25 years of experience in RF and microwave systems, pulsed power systems, particle accelerators, fusion plasma heating, submillimeter spectroscopy, communication, directed energy weapons, and radar systems,

In addition to his research laboratory affiliations, he has many years of senior technical and manufacturing management experience: as Engineering & Program Manager at Universal Voltronics Corp., directed an 80-member engineering department as well as an $8MM thermonuclear fusion program; and as VP of Engineering and Manufacturing at Impulse Engineering Inc., co-founder. As a Senior Program Manager at Applied Devices Corporation, he was responsible for several innovative microwave perimeter security systems, electronic warfare systems, and the AN/TPN-28 Radar Beacon system.

Tony was educated at the University Of Texas at Austin, earning a BSEE with a major topic in Electromagnetic Field Theory and a minor in Mathematics. He earned his MSEE from the University of Texas at Austin with his thesis on Submillimeter Fusion Plasma Spectroscopy, He holds U.S. and international patents on microwave steam generation systems.

Dr. James E. Stangroom, Sr Chemist and Fluid Dynamicist - Mgr UK Operations of T3I.
Dr. James E. Stangroom manages T3I's UK and European liaison operations in Sheffield UK and is T3I's senior chemist and fluid dynamicist. Dr. Stangroom contributes to T3I's application development program and solution algorithms in the fields of opaque fluid sterilization, healthcare, food sterilization, materials sterilization and homeland security. His extensive background in the development of Electro-Rheological fluids, a field in which he is recognized as a leading expert, has been an important asset in the fluid dynamic portion of our work. He is the principal inventor of record on 14 patents in the field of Electro-Rheological (ER) fluids, hydraulic valves, clutches, actuators and pumps and is a co-inventor of T3I's opaque fluid treatment patent.

Kevin Kurz, Sales Applications Engineer of T3I.
Prior to joining T3I in January 2006, Kevin was an Account Executive at PCS Research Services Inc., a leading third-party sales organization dedicated to bringing unique research products to the institutional investment community. His assignments with PCS involved the development of prospective clients, revenue tracking and correspondence for national sales director, and the development and launch of marketing campaigns for individual research products worldwide. Mr. Kurz received his BA in Marketing from Lehigh University.

Kevin supports R&D, lab and scientific activities in addition to marketing and technical sales

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